Ceremony Gallery


Whether an outdoor sunset wedding or a traditional church wedding, flowers make a wonderful touch.
  • Simply elegant....

    with Forever In Bloom
  • Chuppah In the Round

    beautiful backyard setting at a Bedford home. Chuppah sits atop platform built in the pond.
  • A mid summer's night eve at The Stone Mill, NY NY

    A picture perfect ceremony at the NY Botanical Gardens
  • Chuppah at The Stone Mill

    They partied all night in front of the Chuppah.
  • Bride and Father sharing a funny moment .....

    ....at is what usually a serious time. Good for them !!
  • Sleepy Hollow Country Club Wedding

    Glimpses of a wedding ceremony through Sara Wright's lens.
  • WOW....

    going all out at Tappan Hill Mansion, Tarrytown, NY
  • Breezy chuppah

    The LI Sound created the perfect back drop and wind for this outdoor ceremony.
  • Chuppah at The Tarrytown House and Estates.

    Birch tree Chuppah covered in white blooms.
  • Chuppah

    Sleek and simple Chuppah at Tappan Hill's Hudson Room.
  • Sunset ceremony at Tarrytown House & Estates

    Glass orbs with votive candles adds a fairy tale affect.
  • The Stone Mill at the NY Botanical Gardens, NY

    Weather porch posts support an antique lace covering create a vintage outdoor ceremony setting.
  • Tappan Hill Mansion

    What a stunning backdrop for this wedding ceremony.
  • Chuppah

    Simple and elegant chiffon Chuppah at Tappan Hill, Tarrytown, NY
  • Chuppah

    Sleepy Hollow Country Club was perfect setting for this beautiful floral decorated Chuyppah and aisle markers.
  • Orchids and crystals.....

    Create a sleek and chic Chuppah along with striking aisle markers of submerged orchids and floating candles.
  • Lighted Chuppah

    Modern Chuppah lit from within at Tappan Hill, Pavilion Room.
  • Birch Tree Chuppah

    Natural and organic ceremony setting at Tappan Hill, Tarrytown, NY
  • Pergola

    NY Botanical Gardens outdoor ceremony setting.
  • Arbor

    Hydrangea clusters, spray roses and grapevine coils. Truly a natural English Garden feel.
  • Candle Light Ceremony

    Lanterns and up lighting on birch tree Chuppah at the Tappan Hill Mansion, Tarrytown, NY
  • Parchment cone....

    filled with rose petals for guests to toss.
  • Tappan Hill

    Clusters of peonies and hydrangea create lush aisle markers.
  • Altar Arrangements

    Create floral framework for church wedding.
  • Bandshell

    at Weschester Country Club, Harrison NY. Decked out in shades of purple and vibrant green.
  • Mr. & Mrs.....

    at the Westchester Country Club, Harrison, NY
  • Altar Arrangements

    Wedding white arrangements....timeless and classical.
  • Tappan Hill

    Outdoor ceremony flanked by gardenesque stone columns and urns.
  • Evening Ceremony

    A warm autumn night with deep fall colors and candlelight made for a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Stone Mill, NY
  • NY Botanical Gardens

    Pergola decorated with early Fall blossoms.
  • Tappan-Hill Wedding

    Decorated trellis at Tappan Hill Mansion.
  • Tappan-Hill

    Branch covered arbor creates a wonderful backdrop for ceremony setting.
  • Tappan Hill Hudson-Room

    The feel of an autumn wedding is created with lanterns and scattered leaves.
  • Vine encrusted arbor

    Mother nature could not have done it better.
  • Birch tree Chuppah at the Stone Mill

    Natural yet elegant ceremony setting
  • Parchment cones.....

    for petal tossing
  • Candlelight and rose petal lined aisle

    an elegantly romantic addition to a ceremony.
  • Sunset Ceremony at Tappan Hill

    A romantic outdoor setting at Tappan Hill Mansion. Bride and groom basking in sunset and flowers. Thanks Craig Paul photography for an amazing shot.
  • Floral covered archway....

    Creates a beautiful backdrop for this outdoor ceremony at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Photo courtesy of www.ulyssesphotography.com
  • Sleepy-Hollow-Outdoor-Ceremony

    The limestone columns and urn displays echo the feel of this country club beautifully.