Reception Gallery


An entrance piece will be the first to greet guests and set tone for wedding.
  • Escort Card Table NY Botanical Gardens

    An incredible 'tree like" display will greet your guests as they enter the NYBG
  • Decorated Manzanita Branch

    Decorative Manzanita branch makes a strikingly dramatic greeting as guests enter wedding at The Stone Mill, NYBG.
  • Sleepy Hollow Country Club

    A table scape of vintage vases creates a warm and welcoming presence. Thanks Kelly for an amazing shot!
  • Contemporary Escort Card Display

    Clean, contemporary and stylized is the feeling this elevated place card display creates.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A tremendous design created with a large manzanita branch enveloped with autumn colored orchid and roses. A stunning display at The Castle on the Hudson, Tarrytown NY
  • The Stone-Mill Entrance way

    Windowsills can be an excellent place to personalize your wedding venue.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Escort card arrangement at Temple Sharaay Tafila, Bedford, NY
  • Pretty In Pink

    A blend of vintage and elegance makes a wonderful escort card display for any type of event.
  • Escort Card Table at the Stone Mill

    Vintage and romantic display for place cards
  • Forever In Bloom

    A true summer mixture of dahlias, hydrangea, garden roses, asclepsia, hanginging amaranth's and cascading foliage at the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Escort card-table-at-Sleepy-Hollow Country Club

    A collection of flowers and candles make a warm greeting as guest first enter reception. Photo thanks to
  • Escort Card Table at The Stone Mill

    A perfect place to show case some of your personality.
  • Rustic Elegance.....

    for a place card table setting at Tappan Hill Mansion.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Fragmented design of purple hydrangea, orange roses, magenta dendrobium orchids and deep red amaryllis blooms in the Hudson Room at Tappan Hill Mansion.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Bling , bling, with this stacked design of rectangular vases and "diamond" encrusted vase all srrounded by a bed of crystals.
  • Cherry Blossoms

    Nothing says Spring like blooming Cherry Blossoms at The NY Botanical Gardens
  • Forever In Bloom

    A new spin for an old clothesline. Escort cards are suspended with colorful clips and assorted mason jars with assorted blooms adorn base of display at the Stone Mill Inn in the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Potted Manzanita branch draped with pink crystals and accented white cymbidium orchid blooms at the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Pink and green blooms are perfect for this summer time outdoor wedding.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A striking display of royal blue hybrid delphinium is the basis for this place card table at the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A creative escort card table created with orchid lined branches, ornamental wheat grass to display cards and assorted vases filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill Mansion, Tarrytown, NY.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Clean and simple display combining submerged orchids will assorted sized shaded pillar candles.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A classical urn filled with pink and green blooms captures the essence of the mansion at Tappan Hill in Tarrytown, NY.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Eiffel Tower vases are the perfect vessels for this sleek display of magnificent white phalenopsis orchid stems.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A charming way to display escort cards; wine boxes and wheat grass.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Clarinet vase filled with open cut white calla lilies create dramatic escort card table at the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Autumn arrangement emerging from tree trunk at the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Backyard wedding

    A mixture of farm tables and covered tables made for a casual yet brilliant display.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Pretty in pink at the Marina del Rey, Bronx, NY
  • Forever In Bloom

    Vivid and colorful submerged orchids in blocks of color.
  • Muted pinks, blush and ivory

    A very subtle yet elegant blend.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Floral accents for windowsills at the Stone Mill at the NY Botanical Gardens add a lovely accent to room decor.
  • Sleepy Hollow Country Club

    A grand display for a grand entrance.
  • Forever In Bloom Escort Card Table

    Banquet table gives you more space for displays.
  • Candlelight

    Adds such a warm ambiance to an evening setting.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Orchids and mini calla lilies create such a sleek and clean design.
  • Chairs fit for a bride and groom

  • Tappan Hill Mansion Hudson Room

    Ceremony flowers flank the wedding cake.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Lantern themed wedding with deep rich red rose petals create a romantic display at Tappan Hill Mansion.