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No matter what the occasion, Forever In Bloom will create the perfect decor.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A whimsical and colorful selection of blooms at the Ritz Carlton, White Plains, NY. Perfect for bar or bat mitzvah, sweet 16 or any fun event.
  • Forever In Bloom

    A chic and contemporary entrance table will be sure to wow your guests at any party you host.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Roses, dahlias, and orchids in shades of magenta make a bold and dramatic table centerpiece.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Relaxed country garden design works wonderfully at the Stone Mill, NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Cocktail table decor created with mini lantern and small floral wreath. It's the details that make a memorable party.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Swags of draped fabric will turn an ordinary room into a party all the time and is a great way to convert a space into a "party space".
  • The Loading Dock, Stamford CT

    A perfect complement to a chic, trendy and contemporary look for any event at this converted industrial space.
  • Floral Chandelier

    Along with suspended globes and tea lights added a magical touch to this tent.
  • Brynwood Country Club, Armonk, NY

    An elegant decor for a special Batmitzvah.
  • Twinkle lights

    An enchanted and romantic feel created with the addition of twinkle lights to Tappan Hill's Pavilion Room.
  • Forever In Bloom

    Sometimes it's the small details that can make a party more special.